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First Lady Nutcracker

Each face is carefully hand painted _
Welcome to
President Nutcracker is a limited edition collectible nutcracker inspired by our great president, Donald J. Trump.  
Only 1,000 made! Each President Nutcracker is hand detailed, 13.5"  tall, complete with Presidential haircut, red USA cap, proud American flag and "Keep making America GREAT!" speech on the Presidential podium.  Every nutcracker is signed and numbered by the creator, patriot, author and podcast host, Suzzanne Monk.
President Nutcracker is a year round nutcracker, and is proudly displayed in homes, businesses and offices across America. And we are thrilled to announce that President Nutcracker #1 is in the hands of our beautiful first lady, Melania Trump.  Even KellyAnne Conway has her own President Nutcracker!  The gallery below features so many other great patriots and their very own President Nutcracker. Our President is a must have collectible for every Trump enthusiast, and is the perfect gift for the MAGA patriot in your life.
When you order President Nutcracker, receive a bonus
Let's Go Brandon Bumper Sticker! Free Shipping! 

Less than 100 REMAIN!!!
Order yours today.

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President Nutcracker is available to help you raise funds for your patriot organization.

ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL DONOR PACKAGE PRICES for raffles, auctions or giveaways raising money for your pro-Trump organization or candidate.

Email us for info at

President Nutcracker proudly sponsors

Trump Talk US Live in DC with Suzzanne Monk

All proceeds from President Nutcracker go to supporting Trump Talk US LIVE in DC with Suzzanne Monk, a pro-Trump podcast delivering real news and the positive information about our President Trump the main stream media WILL NOT deliver.
Trump Talk US
Suzzanne Monk has written three books about supporting President Trump, available on Amazon.  Click links below!
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Semi Essential Trump Supporters
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