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This is the one and only "President Nutcracker"

A one of a kind, limited edition, collectible nutcracker figurine. The President is one of a limited production of 1,000 hand detailed figures and each President Nutcracker is numbered and signed by the designer. 

Our President is 13.5" tall with a 3.5"x 3.5" base. Each one comes complete with a hand-cut signature Presidential haircut, USA hat, podium and rally speech, waving flag, and classic 'thumbs up' pose.  Made of painted wood and synthetic fiber with fabric accents.  The base is made in Taiwan, and then each President Nutcracker is lovingly hand-detailed in Suzzanne Monk's patriot workshop right here in the USA, just a few miles away from the White House in our capitol, Washington, DC. 

President Nutcracker is perfect for collectors, holiday decorators, patriotic enthusiasts and more. It makes a great gift for anyone who supports our great President.  

We will be offering the special price of $99 for a limited time only, so order your President Nutcracker TODAY!!!

Detailing  President Nutcracker in the workshop.

President Nutcracker's adventures all around the  United States

Pictures from the many places President Nutcracker has been.

Share your pictures of your President Nutcracker with us at

Suzzanne Monk

About  the Maker

Suzzanne Monk is an author, podcast host, reknown patriot and pro-Trump activist living in the nation's capitol. 
She has written 3 books and countless articles about supporting our great President Donald J. Trump. She hosts Trump Talk US live in DC six days a week, a news and political show talking about the work Trump is doing for our nation.  She is Chairman of Patriot Action PAC, a group of active patriots engaging in citizen lobbying of Congress for America First issues and grassroots voter outreach.
Her activism has been covered by news media around the world.  She has been a tireless supporter and advocate for President Trump since 2015. Despite constant attacks and smears by the radical Left, Suzzanne has dedicated herself to making America great again and supporting Trump's America First agenda.
All nutcracker proceeds go to helping Suzzanne Monk in her ongoing efforts to support President Trump and our great nation, the United States of America.

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