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Suzzanne Monk's Citizen Constitution Course as a gift
Give the gift of patriot knowledge to someone you love!
My Citizen's Constitution Course is 6 one hour videos where we "actively read" the US Constitution together.
For the small fee of $5 per class (with unlimited views) or $25 for the FULL COURSE (save $5),
you can learn for yourself or share with a loved one a much stronger and deeper understanding of the actual text our citizen based government is built on as written by our Founders in the Constitution.
Line by line, we read and discuss the meaning of each clause and paragraph in our founding document.
We cover how the original text has been changed through amendments as we go, with examples of how it is applied today. 
Each class discusses a distinct branch of our government, Legislative, Executive, Judicial, their formation/duties and the role of the states as we read through the entire Constitution including all the amendments, from front to back.
The classes are easy to listen to casually, or to pull out a pocket Constitution and notebook and really dig in. 
And because your subscription allows you unlimited views for 2 years, you can watch it as many times and ways as you like.
HOW TO ORDER the Citizen's Constitution Course AS A GIFT
Just use the form below!
All we need is the recipient's email address and we do the rest!
We will sent notification of your gift and instructions on using it in an email on the date you decide.
It's easy and a great gift for any patriot!
This way we can assure proper email delivery to EACH recipient.

Constitution Gift Card


Give the gift of the Constitution.
This $25 gift card issues a 2 yr subscription to the Citizen's Constitution Course FULL COURSE package, All Six Classes.
All you need is their email! We do the rest

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