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First Lady Nutcracker

First Lady Nutcracker


First Lady Nutcracker is a hand created, numbered and signed work of nutcracker art. From her hand sewn messy bun wig and the tinyreplica of the glamorous Louis Vuitton dress worn by First Lady Melania Trump on Inauguration Day 2017, to her innovative waving arm mechanism, hand painted face, scupted high heeled shoes and Swarovski crystal earings, she is a one of a kind work of art. Each and every First Lady Nutcracker requires up to 20 woman hours to create.


Her tiny gloved hand will wave at you as you move the nutcracker lever, a 'first ever' innovation in the world of nutcrackers. Her wig is a hand blended color, formed with the utmost attention to detail, including tiny bobby pins. She is 13" tall, on a 3.5" round base designed to stand alone, or proudly beside her husband, President Nutcracker. Every detail is done by hand by the artist, Suzzanne Monk, in her Washington DC.


FREE SHIPPING on all orders.


Each First Lady Nutcracker comes with a Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed to match each First Lady Nutcracker and a bonus Let's Go Brandon Bumper Sticker. You also get our Guaranteed Amazing for Life guarantee. (See below)  Due to the labor intensive nature of making each First Lady Nutcracker, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


*The #1 First Lady Nutcracker is being reserved as a gift to our amazing First Lady Melania Trump.


**The #2 First lady Nutcracker will be made avalibale in a VIP silent auction later this Spring.

  • Guaranteed Amazing For Life!

    If anything should happen to damage your First Lady Nutcracker, Suzzanne will gladly repair and restore your nutcracker at no charge, minus shipping fees. The waving mechanism, hair, dress, paint job, and overall structure of the nutcracker are covered, so you can rest easy knowing that your treasured First Lady Nutcracker will remain in beautiful condition for years to come.

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